Language Courses for Specific Purposes

Course Introduction

ICC can tailor language courses to suit any individual’s or organization’s specific language needs. Our courses are designed not only to help you improve your general language awareness, but also to address your very specific needs. For example, as a lawyer or a doctor, you will need to ensure that the language you use is proper and accurate at all times. The key focus in these courses will be to develop your language ability in a particular context, but you will also work on your command of general language skills. These courses, conducted by highly-experienced and dedicated native instructors, will focus on all kinds of situations, including meetings, presentations, negotiating, social contacts, and other subjects, depending on your level and needs. They will enable you to communicate effectively in the target language and will also give you the necessary tools to address the cultural issues arising from working, studying or just travelling in a different country.
Our one-to-one lesson system offers you total flexibility and guarantees you make maximum progress in the time you have. Semi-Private lessons and Group lessons are also available for students who wish to study with family members, work colleagues or friends. You can start a course at any time, and schedule your lessons how and when you like. Lessons can be held anytime, from 8:00am to 11:00pm, 7 days a week, all year long. Instruction can take place at our schools, at your home or on your organization’s premises.

Since its inception in 1986, ICC has also been offering excellent language programs and services to Japanese and foreign corporations, governmental institutions as well as various other organizations. Our impressive client list includes the Japanese Ministry Of Foreign Affairs, the Japanese Ministry Of Defense, the Japanese National Police Agency, the Pentagon, the U.S. Armed Forces in Japan, the U.S. Embassy, Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA), Sony, Panasonic, Shiseido, Shell, Siemens and Chanel, to name just a few. Upon request, a trial lesson can be arranged at your convenience.

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Languages Taught at ICC

In addition to English, Japanese, and the other most popular languages studied in Japan, such as French, German, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Chinese and Korean, more than 50 other languages and dialects are taught at ICC: If the desired language is not included in the above list, please let us know. We are confident we can help.

Types of Lessons

One-to-one Lessons
Our One-to-one Lesson system, designed to fit your level, schedule and needs, offers total flexibility and guarantees that you make maximum progress in the time you have. Following a thorough needs analysis and level testing, instruction plans and teaching materials are tailor-made to suit your professional or private needs.

Semi-Private Lessons (Small classes of  two  to five students
Semi-Private Lessons are available for corporate clients and for students who wish to study with family members, work colleagues or friends. Each student undergoes a rigorous needs analysis and a level testing process to ensure the language instruction plan will be effective. The emphasis will usually be on developing communicative skills. However, the course curriculum can be adapted to different professional or private needs.

Group Lessons (Classes of more than five students)
As with Semi-Private Lessons, Group Lessons are available for corporate clients and for students who wish to study with family members, work colleagues or friends. Each student undergoes a rigorous needs analysis and a level testing process to ensure the language instruction plan will be effective. The emphasis will usually be on developing communicative skills. However, the course curriculum can be adapted to different professional or private needs.

On-site Lessons
Upon request, ICC can dispatch excellent instructors to your organization’s premises or home. Our tailor-made language programs are flexible and adjustable. We will listen to and analyse your needs, create a suitable program, and modify it where and when necessary. When preparing the course curriculum, your schedule, level, specific needs and budget will all be taken into account.




Our courses are conducted by professional native instructors. Upon request, non-native instructors can also be provided. As we are convinced that the success of our schools ultimately depends on the quality and efforts of our personnel, we hire only instructors that are well-experienced, friendly and dedicated to their work. Many of our instructors, with an average of over three years teaching experience, have studied, worked, and taught in other countries, and are therefore able to respond to any individual student’s or organization’s particular needs. Depending on your objectives, typical classroom activities might include role-plays, discussions, and other enjoyable language practice.

Our instructors are trained and instructed to:

  • • Use the target language whenever possible when teaching.
  • • Ask their students to create realistic and meaningful language.
  • • Put new language and ideas into practice as soon as possible.
  • • Use techniques to motivate their students into using the target language as much as possible.
  • • Incorporate lots of listening practice in the target language.
  • • Systematically teach the grammatical structures, vocabulary, and functional language, necessary to achieve the students’ learning aims.
  • • Work on pronunciation techniques, intonation, and stress patterns to ensure their students can be understood by others.
  • • Make sure that all learning is relevant to the stated objectives.
  • • Keep motivation, challenge and interest levels high at all times.
  • • Systematically review and repeat new language to make sure it remains active.



Approach and Methodology

Our lessons will generally follow an integrated skills approach. Classes will focus on functional and notional areas, and then work on the language skills required to achieve competence in those areas. These will consist of a mix of structural, lexical and cultural items, including work on question forms, polite phrases, and appropriate intonation. The instructors will always follow an active learning approach, engaging their students in the target language.


Many of our students have decided to study at ICC by being introduced to us by one of their friends, colleagues or family members. Many of them continue to study at our schools for years or come back to learn a different language.

Please listen to the voices of some of our current students and graduates:

“ICC was recommended to me by my father who was also learning at ICC”

Because I had plans to study in Norway, I wanted to become a little familiar with the local language and culture before moving there, so I started to learn Norwegian at ICC when I was in my mid-teens. My father who was also learning Hebrew and Korean at ICC recommended me to learn there too. I think that the advantages of choosing ICC are the wide range of languages offered there and the quality of the teachers they have. I have already graduated from university and have become a member of society, but I am still learning Norwegian at ICC, and I am very pleased with my lessons that my teachers have tailored for me to meet my interests and personality. In my lessons, I mainly read Norwegian newspaper articles and discuss the content in Norwegian with my teachers. I find that every lesson is very efficient and meaningful because in addition to learning the Norwegian language, I can also stay in touch with current events in Norway. Now, I am thinking of learning another minor language ​​such as Hebrew in addition to Norwegian.

C.Y. office employee

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Course Enrollment Procedure

1.The Initial Conversation

In the first conversation, you will be asked about your aims in order to find out as much as possible about key issues, such as why you want learn, how you want to learn, what you wish to achieve, how much language you already have, how much time you would like to commit, and other important issues.

2. The Proposal

After discussing the details, we will create a proposal which will reflect our understanding of your needs. It will include instruction format, course content, course duration and price. The proposal is a framework which you are able to refine to meet your schedule and specific learning circumstances.

3.The Trial Lesson and Level Test

Once the proposal is agreed upon, you will be contacted to discuss the course location, time, duration and other important details. Suitable instructors will then be selected and fully briefed prior to your first lesson. Upon request, a trial lesson and a level test can be arranged before the start of the course, at your convenience.

4. At the Beginning of the Course

In the trial lesson or in the first lesson, the instructors will get a clearer idea of your linguistic strengths and weaknesses, learning style, and what your priorities are. Together with the instructors, you will draw up a course plan which will focus on what you want to be able to do with the language and what you will need to cover during the course in order to achieve your goal.

5. During the Course

During the course, the instructors will keep assessing your strengths, weaknesses and learning style on a regular basis, and adapt the teaching method and materials accordingly. You will also have the full support of our dedicated staff throughout your course. We will also collect feedback from you regularly, responding where necessary.

6.At the End of the Course

The end of the course will include a full review of what you have learnt, a final assessment test to find out how far you have progressed, and some suggestions on what you can do to maintain and improve all the acquired Japanese language skills.