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Would you like to work at ICC?
If you are interested in teaching your language, would like to work in a multi-cultural environment and have a proper visa to work in Japan, ICC Language Schools may be the opportunity you've been waiting for!

Would you like to put your language skills to work?

ICC Language Schools is seeking both native and Japanese instructors who can teach from a wide range of languages spoken worldwide.
If you are interested,please fill in the relevant information on the form below and e mail it to ICC Language Schools,or if you would prefer, you may send your resume to ICC Language Schools(Yokohama School, head school)via regular mail.
You may also contact us by telephone or FAX. The person in charge will return your call or FAX and answer any questions you may have.


■Information regarding recruitment
Application for ICC Language Schools can be done at any time.Please be advised that a fixed number of working hours is not guaranteed. ※Upon receiving your application information,applicants will be contacted only when a request by a student for the language in question has been made.

About teaching at ICC

  • ICC Language Schools gives preference to those applicants who can communicate in Japanese.
  • We are seeking  instructors who are both enthusiastic about introducing their country's culture and interested in foreign language education.(We give preference to those applicants who have either relevant teaching experience, possess a relevant formal qualification or who have graduated college)
  • Those who are enthusiastic about language teaching.
  • ICC Language Schools gives preference to those applicants whose visa permits them to stay in Japan for an extended period of time. Unfortunately, ICC Language Schools does not permit those with tourist visas to work as instructors for ICC. ICC Language Schools gives preference to those applicants who reside either in Kanagawa Prefectureor Tokyo and its environs.

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■ 講師エントリーに関して 
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勤務校 銀座校・新宿校・町田校・横浜校 
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