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新型コロナ感染症拡大期間中にレッスンをお休みされた生徒様へのご案内To those students who couldn’t take lessons due to the Corona Virus problem.




●教室内での人と人の間の距離(少なくとも1メートル)の確保、アクリルボードなどの設置 ※









Since May 8th,2023, the law pertaining to the prevention of the spreading of the virus and the medical treatment of those who have been infected, has been moved to “Level 5”, thus marking a turning point in the battle against the virus.

We would like to encourage those students who have refrained from having their lessons at ICC to take this opportunity to resume lessons once more.

ICC Language Schools will continue to adhere to the following measures in accordance with the the policy of “New Lifestyle after Corona”.

For the time being, each of ICC’s schools will continue taking the following measures against the spreading of the Corona Virus.

● Prior to entering the classroom, we recommend that hands be disinfected and masks be worn. ※
● A distance of at least one meter be maintained between teacher and student. (If this distance is difficult to maintain, a plastic board will be used.) ※
● Door knobs be thoroughly disinfected.
● Frequent ventilation of each classroom.
※Regarding the disinfection of hands and the wearing of masks, from here on will be up to the discretion of teacher and student.

For those students who may have reservations about having face-to-face lessons at ICC, you may switch over to online lessons should you wish to do so.

Those students wishing to confirm the number of lessons remaining are requested to contact the reception at ICC. Upon confirmation, we will contact you.

Furthermore, ICC would like to inform you that the period of time students were unable to have lessons due to the Corona Virus problem, will be taken into consideration with respect to the period of validity.This means that you may use your remaining lessons without worrying about the validity period decided at the time of enrollment.

Please understand that for a period of time exceeding one year from the May 8th level five designation date, we regret to say that if ICC does not receive contact from the student, ICC will consider this as having withdrawn from ICC and the lessons
to be finished. Should you wish to confirm the agreement signed at the beginning of the course, we ask that you please click on to the following URL.

Should you have any questions please feel free to contact ICC.

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May 2023